Monday, June 30, 2014

craft sale & new socks!

Last weekend was my craft sale. I ended up being sick that weekend but somehow made it through the entire day without it affecting me too much other than dizziness, right after the show was a different story though! It was not a pretty sight. The sale was decent, not great though, there were a lot of garage sale tables and people mostly came for that. I didn't do horribly but I won't be having a table at the next show, it wasn't really worth it. I got my name out there though, got a few custom orders and got an invite to a craft sale happening later in the year.

craft show table

After the sale, I let my kids pick out a toy from all the leftovers. It always makes me happy that my kids want the toys that I crochet.

I let my kids each pick a toy from the left overs, I love how happy they are getting crochet toys!

On Monday, I decided I wanted to do some knitting, so I cast on a pair of vanilla socks. I used my yarn from Spun Right Round in the graffiti colorway. I cast on the toes with the turkish cast on and I used the fish lips kiss heel which I love, it fits perfectly! I loved knitting these socks and I knit them so fast, it shocked me how quickly they flew off the needles! If I had more sock yarn, I'd be knitting more right now.

socks! these happened so fast! I loved knitting them! I used the FLK heel and it fits perfectly! I need to order more yarn now. this yarn is Graffiti by @spunrightround

I have a shop update coming soon with some very adorable new toys, I'm aiming for Thursday this week. Make sure to follow me on instagram, I'll post there when it's live. Have a great week!