Thursday, March 20, 2014

lacy hexagon blanket WIP

I've gotten a start on spring cleaning recently, not something I normally do just for this time of year but dust and clutter have been getting under my skin, so I'm doing it all right now! I was cleaning out my closet that holds my yarn and projects (and tons of other crap) and I found these lacy hexagons that I started last October.

lacy hexagons

Last September, there was a colour crush post on Emma Lamb's blog with pictures of Bluebellgray rugs. Right away I knew I would make a blanket out of the colors from this palette.

I went to the KnitPicks website and picked out colors to match as best I could. I chose to use Cotlin DK. The colors I picked out are surf, celery, cerise, pomegranate and linen. I think I got the colors to match really close! I'm going to be edging all the hexagons in the linen color.

lacy hexagons

I chose to make this lacy hexagon blanket after seeing this beautiful blanket! I don't think my blanket will have as deep of a border though, I don't think I bought enough of the linen for that unfortunately. I'm using the chart from this blog post to make my hexagons.

I'm really close to joining all these pretties! I think I may have a pretty lacy blanket by next week.