Wednesday, October 23, 2013

hats! hats! hats!

I've made a few hats lately and I still have more to make with this colder season finally here. Lots of ideas for hats are floating around in my head, I hope I will find the time to get them all done!

This first hat I made for one of my girls, she picked out the colors and I got to work. Both the pink and white are Loops & Threads Impeccable Glitter, I love the yarn, it's so pretty and very soft! I used the Natalie Super Slouch pattern by Baca Creations. I've only used one hat pattern by the same designer once before and I had trouble with the sizing, so I wasn't sure how this would work but I had zero trouble this time! I must be getting better with my hat making skills. I loved the pattern and will be making another of these soon!

pink sparkly hat

I also made some newborn hats for a friend who just had her new baby boy yesterday! He's already sported one and it looks like it fits perfectly, so I'm really happy with that! I used this really easy hat pattern to make the hats. For the little bear hat, I just crocheted half circles and sewed them on.

I didn't want to only send hats for the new little guy, so I crocheted a ghost rattle using this pattern. I made up the tiny bow and moved it from the top of the head to the center to look like a bow tie. A perfect gift for an October baby I think!

baby hats & rattle

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