Thursday, June 06, 2013

another swap!

I love doing swaps and I did another swap on the FreshStitches ravelry board recently.

I made my partner a pink Hootie the Owl because her favorite color is pink. I made her using Knit Picks Swish yarn and a size 4mm hook. She turned out really small and cute! I also wrapped everything in pink and sent along some pink yarn. I forgot to get a picture of everything together, I never seem to remember to do that, I'm always too eager to get it sent off I think.

pink owl

The person who sent to me made me my own Salty the Crocodile! My son already believes that he is meant for him and I will probably give in eventually, I usually do. Salty has been in my queue for quite some time, he's a handsome croc! I also got some orange yarn, flowers, a key chain and some stitch markers that I should have taken a better picture of but I'm sure they'll show up in a picture someday, the owl is really cute!

A fun mail day! I did another swap in the FreshStitches ravelry group, this is what I got! #ABeautifulMess

I have such a fun time in the FreshStitches ravelry group, there's really a bunch of great girls (and guy(s?)) that hang out in there. There's some fun things coming up in the group this month, there's another Mystery CAL starting up on June 24th! I can't wait to do that, the last mystery was a lot of fun.