Thursday, March 28, 2013

yarn along

I made a hanging owl decoration this week, I am so excited about how this turned out! I wanted to try some actual macrame to add to a space in my house but I decided on crocheting a macrame style owl instead. The pattern can be found here.

hanging owl

I used a size 10mm hook and just one skein of worsted weight yarn. I found a really cool method called the navaho technique, where you use one skein of yarn but at triple thickness. This youtube video shows you how to do it, it's a really amazing technique! Maybe someday I'll make a big toy using it.

The owl is 18 inches long but with the fringe it's 25 inches! It's so big and fits so well in the space I put it. The big blue beads I used for the eyes really finish it nicely, which I am very happy about because they cost more than the rest of the supplies for this owl.

After I finished the owl, my wrist and arm started acting up, so I'm on another crochet diet. I'm actually not minding it so much though because I've started reading the Infernal Devices series! It's one I've been wanting to start since it came out. Now that the third and supposedly last is out I decided to finally start. I'm hoping the third really is the last, I hate getting to what I think is the end of the series only to find out I have to wait another full year for the next book.

I'm already about half through this first one, so far I'm liking it. It's the prequel series to the Mortal Instruments series that I read some time ago, I loved that series and think I will like this one too.

finally reading this series! I hope the third book really is the last, I hate getting to what I think is the end of a series & finding out I have to wait another year for the next #wirn

I'm joining in with Yarn Along over on Small Things this week.


  1. Wow it's a fantastic owl!!!

    Best wishes and happy easter


  2. Your owl is gorgeous!!! I also just made one from the same pattern, but for a friend.

    What genre is this trilogy?

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