Friday, March 22, 2013

scrap along

There's another crochet along happening at FreshStitches. This time we're using scraps, those leftovers from your other projects, and making any FreshStitches pattern out of it all. Last weekend, I went through all of my yarn to gather up my scraps. I'm using my leftovers of Loops & Threads yarns, I have a decent amount of it.

scraps heart

Since I don't have a ball winder, I used an old paper towel roll to wrap all my yarns into a magic ball. There are a couple ways to join the ends of your yarns together, you could just knot the yarns together but I used the Russian join method for mine. This youtube video demonstrates how to do this well. It's not a hard technique to get at all.

making a magic ball of yarn #freshstitches

And this is my magic ball! It's a really good size, I don't think I'll run out while making my toy. Speaking of, I still need to figure out what toy I'll be making. I have it narrowed down to two now, it will be either Otto the Monster or Gordon the Jellyfish. I can't wait to get crocheting with this ball!

scrap magic ball