Thursday, February 14, 2013

a dainty thing

First, Happy Valentine's Day! Not my favorite holiday but it's cute, so I don't hate it. Today, I wanted to share what I made my sister for her birthday.

Claudia Cowl

My sister had mentioned awhile ago that she wanted a big white cowl, big enough to wrap three times and that's what I made for her. I'm sure I wasn't so secretive about wanting to make it but she still acted surprised when I gave it to her. I loved making this and I'm so happy with the finished product, it's so pretty and dainty looking.

Claudia cowl stitches

I used the Claudia Scarf pattern (free!) and kept crocheting until it was long enough. The stitch was very relaxing to work on and didn't take much concentrating at all. I used a size G hook and Knit Picks Swish DK in white. It was my first time using Knit Picks yarn and I love it now! I'm using another of their yarns for my shawl. I'm most definitely a Knit Picks convert.

Claudia Cowl