Monday, November 19, 2012

how about a snowball fight?

Indoors! It's fun and way less cold! I found this really cute idea through pinterest but it was knit and I'm still not a huge knitter, so I decided to crochet a snowball fight kit for my kids (and okay, for us adults too).

snowball fight kit

I used Bernat pipsqueak yarn to make the snowballs, they're incredibly soft and look a lot like snow. I made the snowballs decent sized, I didn't want them too tiny, with my kids they'd definitely go missing if they were too small! Some are a little bigger than others, the yarn isn't the easiest to always tell where your stitches are ending up.


I also crocheted a simple granny square bag to keep the snowballs in when they're not being thrown around.

snowball fight kit

I'm really happy with this fun kit! I think it's going to get quite a bit of use here.

There's no pattern for this but if there's interest, I will try to put together a pattern.