Saturday, October 06, 2012

googley eyed monster hat

After I made the pirate hat, I had a really fun idea for another one to make for my son. It's a googley eyed monster hat! It's so fun and perfect for this time of year. I used the Versatile Earflap Hat pattern again and attached some fun googley eyes. I even thought to write out how I made the eyes so I could share the pattern, so you can make your own too.

googley eyed monster hat

First, make the hat in whatever size you need using this pattern (it's free!). I made mine striped, alternating color every round. Next, make two eyes:

You'll need the same colors you used for your hat, a small amount of white yarn, a stitch marker and a couple buttons.

Round 1: ch 3, join to form circle
Round 2: sc 6 times into circle
Round 3: sc in each st, join to first sc.
Repeat round 3 twice for each color to make stripes, or just repeat with one color for 22 rounds.
Round 23: join white yarn, sc twice in each st ; do not join, use a stitch marker to mark your beginning st for the remaining rounds

**working in the back loops for the remaining rounds**

Round 24: sc twice in next st, sc in next st.
Round 25: sc twice in next st, sc in next 2 st
Round 26-29: sc in each st
Round 30: sc2tog, sc in next 2 st (you can stuff your eye now)
Round 31: sc2tog, sc next st
Round 32: sc2tog
Fasten off your yarn and weave in the ends. To finish the eyes, I used buttons for the pupils.

Now take both eyes and sew them to the top of your hat. I sewed mine close together. And now you have a fun googely eyed monster hat!

monster hat

Wear the eyes tied together or loose, either way it's super cute!

monster hat

My son is really happy with his new hat, I am too!


  1. This is super cute and adorable, it's one my winter's crochet list!

  2. Love the hat...great fun! And the last picture of your son is just adorable, it makes me smile just to look at it :)

  3. Totally cute!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. This is so cute! :D Might have to make one for myself ;)

  5. Okay... so between this hat and the bats just makes me smile. I LOVE all things you make, Casey. SO cute!

  6. OMG this is so cute! I was all set to make my nieces owl hats but now i'm totally thinking of changing my mind ;)

  7. One of the best "creature" style hats I've ever seen. So cute.

  8. Hello Casey,
    Your hat is fantastic!!! I can imagine your son is happy with it:)

  9. So Adorable! I need to make my littel monster a crochet ed monster hat too. Pinning to my crochet board :)

  10. Aw, I love it - how fun! I need some kids in my life!

  11. What do you stuff the eyes with?

  12. I love this hat. I am just working on it but since I am using a different kind of yarn and it is my first hat altogether, it is quite difficult to get it right. I would appreciate measures, e.g. the diameter of the eye, the length of the strap the eye is attached to, or how many cm/inches the earflaps are apart. It would make crocheting a lot easier. (I can't make my grandson try it on because it is a surprise present.)