Sunday, September 09, 2012


The mosaic is pretty late this month but I remembered before September was over at least! It felt like a slow month but I did accomplish a fair amount of crafting.

I crocheted a fun lobster for my son. I really love his red eyes!

I finished a blanket that I started last year, yikes! I'm working on getting some tags for my blankets and then I will be adding this one (and others) to my shop! (unless someone is interested in getting it tag-less, email me if that's you!)

I completed a pretty big sized cross-stitch. I still love it and will stare at it often.

Crocheted a granny square pillow. There's another pillow I'm about to start this week that a lot of people will be happy about because I'll be sharing the pattern for it!

The pillow will have to wait until I finish this jumbo dragon though. The deadline is creeping up and I am far from finished.

Finally, I made a cake topper for my parent's anniversary that I am very proud of! It's nice when you make something you are genuinely excited about!