Friday, November 25, 2011

in progress

I've been a bad blogger lately! I'm sorry about that, I guess other things have been keeping me away from the computer more. There's been lots of crafting happening though. One of those things is the realta, all the pieces are now coming together.


I reread my last post about it and I have no clue how I managed the numbers I did! Brainfart moment or something. I decided to only make 25 octagons for the blanket, it's making a good size blanket. It is for a 5 year old afterall. I do need to start working on it harder though, there's less than 2 weeks until her birthday now and about a million ends to weave in!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!

ps. visit my new facebook page! I'm starting to get the hang of it (I think).


  1. Wauw! That looks realy great! Nice colors and motifs.
    Have a nice weekend too!

  2. Lovely work!!!!
    kisses for you ♥♥♥

  3. Oh I do love purple. The blanket is coming out GORGEOUS. I would love to know your joining method...

    Happy Day!

  4. That blanket is gorgeous, I bet someone's going to be very happy on their birthday!

  5. It's lovely, I love the colours :)

  6. I love the colours you've used - they show the pattern up really well :o)

  7. Wow, what a pretty pattern.
    The colors blend wonderfully.
    Keep it up!

  8. Gorgeous! I love the way the pieces fit together. What a lucky little girl! :)

  9. Thats BEAUTYFULL! Do you have a pattern for it?