Saturday, October 22, 2011

friday favorites

Let's pretend it's Friday! It's been awhile since I've posted any favorites from flickr, I'm finding so much inspiration there again! I still am pinterest crazy but I have been managing to take more time away from it, it doesn't rule me anymore! (haha) Here's a few recent favorites. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1. 288.365: the thrifted basket, 2. The Crafty Ripple, 3. halloween yarn wreath, 4. hooked and bound hot pads, 5. baby ripple wip, 6. a house for needles


  1. Oooooh, I love the baby ripple blanket! So beautiful! I've shied away from ripple blankets because those were the kind my grandma always made . . . and as awful as this sounds . . . I always found them icky (I'm such a terrible grandchild, I know). They were the really old, really worn out, super fuzzy and kind of gross-feeling ripple blankets in 70s colors and I always felt yucky covering up with them. But that one is so pretty, it makes me change my mind about ripples! ;-)

  2. The crafty ripple is sooo pretty!

  3. The ripples are KILLING me! I need to learn how to do this, pronto. I didn't even think about trying to make one of my own Missoni knockoffs until you suggested it, and these are so much prettier!