Thursday, September 29, 2011

swap potholders

I did another small swap on ravelry. This one was a Thanksgiving Swap in the Vanna's Choice group, we were supposed to send 3 hotpads to our partner.

fall mandala potholder

I made one of my favorite kinds of potholders using the granny mandala pattern. This one is my favorite out of the set, it was really hard to give up!

fall hexagon potholder

I made a hexagon potholder also, this is always a fun one to make. I think I need to start using a bigger hook though, this one turned out a little small. I've had emails a few times about how to put this kind of potholder together, so I took some pictures while I was making this one, I'll be posting it next week sometime!

blues potholder front

My partner said she had a blue kitchen, so I made her a blue potholder, hopefully it works with her kitchen! I used the scalloped potholder pattern for this one but changed the edging, I made picots at the top of each fpdc. I really like how it worked out.

blues potholder back

I also sent along a dishcloth to match the blue potholder, I sent the blue one that was supposed to go out for the Annual Dishcloth Swap. I managed to forget to actually mail the package, so I missed out on that fun.

ps: the 500 follower giveaway is coming up this weekend!


  1. These are all so beautiful! I especially love the third one.

  2. The first is my fav too, but they are all really pretty.

  3. I didn't not ravelry organised swaps. Where do you find them? I haven't done a swap in ages and would love to do another one.

  4. love :) so cute yours potholder

    cheers from Paris

  5. These are awesome, I love the colours you have chosen!

  6. I'm thinking on making some crocheted potholders and I love your ideas, thanks!

  7. Is it me or does the last one remind anyone else of the London Eye or a Ferris Wheel? Its great. Love the colours too.

  8. These are lovely, I just love the colors you picked! Your partner is a lucky duck!