Tuesday, March 01, 2011

hello March!

March yarn bits

I finally got a jar to store the yarn bits in, the plastic container was really starting to overflow. I might still find something bigger though. For now, I'm using an old peanut butter container.

Lots of colorful yarn in there. There's even some embroidery thread in there somewhere from my embroidery project I recently finished.


  1. I finally found me a jar too - nothing in it yet as I haven't crocheted since my 'rotary cutter incident'.
    Yours looks really pretty.

  2. I did this one winter and then spread the bits outside for the birds to build their nests with. Nothing like seeing bits of color in the trees.

  3. It really does add up, doesn't it?

  4. cute blog! as a needlepointer (primarily), we call our yarn bits "orts". but you knew that already . . .

  5. You know, if you put those bits in an open basket outside in the spring the birds will use the bits to weave into their nests. :) How cool is that?