Wednesday, January 05, 2011

some baby crochet


My niece has started teething and drooling, so she's sporting bibs most of the time she's awake. I decided to make her a couple crocheted ones.

The first one I made is this Swirly Bib from the very first issue I ever got of Crochet Today. It's a fun pattern, I'm thinking of making a couple more if she likes wearing them.

The second one I made after finding this pattern while browsing ravelry. I like this one too, I want to make a dishcloth or a potholder like this sometime. The pattern is right here.

I made both bibs using Handicrafter cottons.


  1. Very cute! I'd have loved to have had something like this when my children were babies.

  2. So happy colors!!!!
    Happy New Year Casey!

  3. Those bibs are so cute! I love the bright colors. I know a lot of friends having babies later this year so I may have to try making some bibs. Thanks for sharing! :)